"An Environmental Atlas Shrugged."

~Jason Hayes, Associate Director, American Coal Council.


“An Environmental Atlas Shrugged. I enjoyed and recommend “days without Sun” and look forward to the next two books in the trilogy as I have seen that there are better options to energy policy and know that Alderson recognizes this fact as well.” 

~Jason Hayes, Associate Director, American Coal Council.

“Debut novelist, G. Coleman Alderson did a really good job and this book is a heck of an achievement. I’ve read a lot in this genre and I love it. If you’re into a certain genre—I call it apocalyptic fiction or dystopic novels—then you will want to read it too.

Alderson has taken another point of view, which I’ve never read before. It’s fascinating. The radical greens try to run everything on green power, solar, hydroelectric, and wind and you wind up 50 years into the future with a totalitarian government and the people fight back. It’s a very unique look at the world of the future.

I’m ready for the next installment, and I can’t wait to find out what happens to Virgil and Celia and all these people. That was awesome! Everybody just go get Coleman’s book!”

~Phil Town, Special Forces (retired), NYT Best-Selling author of the Rule #1 Investing Guides: Rule #1, Payback Time, and his latest, Invested.

“G. Coleman Alderson, using a fiction format, carefully weaves the green narrative into a spell-binding thriller set just slightly more than 25 years from now—when all of the green policies have taken force— and paints a gripping picture of how the Global Energy Enforcement Organization (GEEO) takes control of every aspect of our lives, leaving people struggling to survive a bleak existence.

Alderson is an optimist. In the end, it is going to be OK. If we can figure out how to put a brake on the policies and bring reason into the discussion, we can, then, figure out how to avoid living out the future he laid out in Mountain Whispers.” 

~Marita Tetter (AKA Marita Noon) Best-selling author of Energy Freedom and nationwide writer for Breitbart, Town Hall.com, and other news sources in the US and Canada.

Reid Lance Rosenthal’s books and weekly broadcasts, On the Right Side Radio, have nourished my libertarian values and down to earth perspective on life. Of Book I, he wrote: ” A scary gripping glimpse into the future of eco-fascism.”

~Reid Lance Rosenthal, Rancher, Land Expert, #1 Best Selling Author of the Threads West, An American Saga series, and Land For Love And Money. Winner of 32 National Literary Awards.

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“Movies have been made of both Atlas Shrugged and Brave New World but never resonated with today’s young folks, the so called Millennials. Mountain Whispers could well make the impact necessary to make sure this dystopian story never truly unfolds.”

Jay L.

“His writing style is comparable to early Steven King, but definitely on his own. In a future I can see a motion picture or TV series. Awesome work!”

Andre S.

“Anyone who liked Stephen King’s The Stand will like this book.”

Frederick R.

“It has an Ayn Rand flavor that appeals to my conservative/libertarian leanings.” 

Gary C.

“The mixture of historical facts in the book gives the fictional parts total credibility.”

Norman L.

“As a native son to the story setting, the theme is timely, as I can see the similarities to what is truly happening all around me.“

Charles H.

“While reading the story I found myself identifying on numerous occasions with the main characters. “

Woody D.



Mountain Whispers – Days without Sun, begins in a future besieged by forces of nature and the unintended consequences of humanity’s headlong shift from fossil-based resources to totally green renewables. While those in power retain their comforts, ordinary citizens, both urban and rural, are subjected to increasing hardships.


Ben Pierce stealthily walks the tracks of a long abandoned mountain rail line, a gray clad shadow in a gray landscape, scrapping for bits of contraband coal that will keep his family warm.