Mountain Whispers – Days Without Sun – Book I

Mountain Whispers – Days without Sun, begins in a future besieged by forces of nature and the unintended consequences of humanity’s headlong shift from fossil-based resources to totally green renewables. While those in power retain their comforts, ordinary citizens, both urban and rural, are subjected to increasing hardships.


Ben Pierce stealthily walks the tracks of a long abandoned mountain rail line, a gray clad shadow in a gray landscape, scrapping for bits of contraband coal that will keep his family warm.

Former special forces operative, Virgil Johnson, quells his horrific flashbacks through booze and self exile until he toasts an “old friend” in a desolate graveyard and unwittingly becomes walk-in host to a long deceased mountain legend, Two Gun Sid Hatfield, who has a score to settle.

Agent Candler Greaves loves recruiting “outliers” to live in Progress City where the vision of the Global Environmental Ethics Organization has been realized. More or less. His loyalties will be severely tested by a beautiful subordinate and a shocking revelation about the real nature of his mission.

“We live in small places…” Celi Pierce is a lonely mountain girl, writing in her vintage iTouch about her life in this future where she records the events of her days and portrays a pageantry of characters going back four generations before the Big Freeze. Above all, she yearns to see the starry sky and to feel the sun on her face. Her youthful innocence stands in stark contrast to the terror and heartbreak headed her way.

A fantastic discovery is unearthed at an abandoned farm. Celi’s digital diary entries are secretly intercepted by powerful forces intent on possessing this invention she has described as “a game changer”.

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