Tributaries for Readers

Rivers run through time, like blood in our veins, where the many flow into the one and the one into the many. Same for stories… same for us. The stories and themes of characters in Mountain Whispers, take on a life of their own and continue beyond the pages of the books.

Those are the stories we share here, so that you can keep up with your favorite characters and learn more of the “back stories” as tributaries running from and into the main story that is Mountain Whispers.

#iWriteDaily, Writing Challenge, Mountain Whispers Books
iWriteDaily 30 Day Writing Challenge – Daily Entries
Day 1 INTRO: July 30, 2035 Eastern Region A black SUV tracks slowly up an old mountain pass toward the
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Green Jihad, Environmental Fatwahs, and Breaking Eggs
Aftermath The assailant got more prison time than he’d bargained for-claiming he had no idea that the pie contained acid,
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Desperate Times Justify Desperate Measures
Bryan had left the auditorium with his convictions in tact. Kate Murphy was nothing more than a shill for the
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Meet Bryan Hodge – Planetary Conservator
The following is a multi-chapter “Tributary” to the Mountain Whispers Trilogy. You may find the current book releases on the
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Rob Johnson’s Recovery and Inventions
Where Rob Johnson’s consciousness went for the next 10 days, nobody knew. In fact, many thought his brain-swelling coma would
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Rob Johnson Meets His Maker
The first decade of the second millenium had just expired, Robert Lewis Johnson was in his fifties and just about
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Rosie and the Coyotes
“She says it’s time I heard about her and the coyotes.” Celi Pierce, Mountain Whispers, Days Without Sun
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Ben felt the chill seeping in…
Ben Pierce felt the chill seeping into him as he trudged along the rusted tracks. Luck had failed him so
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What Could Go Wrong…?
Premise: Mountain Whispers, Days Without Sun It’s the year 2052, we have: Global governance Regional boundaries instead of national 90%
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It’s Very Cold and We Don’t See the Sun Anymore
First of all it’s so very cold, and we don’t see the sun any more. Celi Pierce, Mountain Whispers, Days
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Right Here… Now
What we have is now, right here. Uncle Virgil, Mountain Whispers, Days Without Sun
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What if there was a way…
What if there was a way to create our own energy? Virgil Johnson, excerpt from Mountain Whispers, Days Without Sun
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