“Coleman Alderson’s continuation of this incredible saga of this post apocalyptic world is fantastic. 

~Phil Town, Special Forces (retired), NYT Best-Selling author of the Rule #1 Investing Guides: Rule #1, Payback Time, and his latest, Invested.


“Once again Alderson skillfully blends the chilling realities of today’s insidiously anti freedom, environmental alt left with action packed, intrigue filled fiction that is a riveting tale, artfully wedded to a frightening warning. Turn these pages!”

~Reid Lance Rosenthal, Rancher, Land Expert, #1 Best Selling Author of the Threads West, An American Sagaseries, and Land For Love And Money. Winner of 32 National Literary Awards.

“His continuation of this incredible saga of this post apocalyptic world is fantastic. I cannot tell you how hard it’s been to get my nose out of this book. I love the way he writes with such a knack of getting in people’s heads. Get this book!”

~Phil Town, Special Forces (retired), NYT Best-Selling author of the Rule #1 Investing Guides: Rule #1, Payback Time, and his latest, Invested.

For 50 years when asked what books most influenced my life, I responded that two of them were Brave New World by Aldous Huxley written in the 1930s and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand written in the 50s. Both are novels forecasting dystopian societies off into the future.

Coleman Alderson has taken a leaf from each of these classic novels and brought them into the reality of the bloodless war now being waged between the left and the men and women on Main Street in America. As the left shuts off inexpensive electric power, the resistance forms in the mountains while today’s authoritarian military tracks them with drones and embedded “spotters”.

Alderson develops his characters such that we can all identify with or, in fact, find ourselves. For readers of fine novels, this book will properly make them understand where the nation could have gone had we not, for the present at least, been saved by a pragmatic leader with no affiliation to any political program that in one way or another always intends to enslave.

~Jay Lehr Ph.D. Science Director The Heartland Institute

Mountain Whispers – Echoes continues the saga that began with Mountain Whispers – Days Without Sun. The sunless days and increasing cold still prevail as the forces of nature hold sway. Those in power ignore these changes as they cling to their ideology of man-made global warming and the eradication of fossil fuels.

Battles have been fought and won by the dauntless Mountain Rangers, a rebel band dedicated to freedom and independence. The discovery of a revolutionary energy making invention holds a bright promise for the hill folks who have been forced to survive without electricity. Yet the victories and the dreams of a bright future are fragile. Regional Manager Jasper H. Dirkson aims to regain his chokehold on the mountain people and seize the energy device for his own legacy.