Mountain Whispers – Echoes – Book II

Mountain Whispers – Echoes, continues the saga that began with Mountain Whispers – Days Without Sun.




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The sunless days and increasing cold still prevail as the forces of nature hold sway. Those in power ignore these changes as they cling to their ideology of man-made global warming and the eradication of fossil fuels.


Battles have been fought and won by the dauntless Mountain Rangers, a rebel band dedicated to freedom and independence. The discovery of a revolutionary energy making invention holds a bright promise for the hill folks who have been forced to survive without electricity. Yet the victories and the dreams of a bright future are fragile. Regional Manager Jasper H. Dirkson aims to regain his chokehold on the mountain people and seize the energy device for his own legacy.

In the wake of her terrifying encounter with two men in the forest, young Celi struggles with the post traumatic aftermath. She has become a stranger to herself. Discovery of the two bodies in the forest will bring about dire consequences. She and her family have no idea what dangers are brewing and about to land on their doorstep.

Virgil Johnson has taken charge of the Mountain Rangers, but still struggles with his own inner demons. His ghostly companion, Sid Hatfield, reveals a premonition that Virgil must decipher. The GEEO forces are about to attack. But where and how?

Candler Greaves means to keep his promise to protect Katrelle Renick’s family. At “Farm 21”, he’s on a rescue mission that puts his life on the line. Returning to Progress City, a series of shocking events reveals he’s not the “Earth First” company man he used to be.

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