A Chance Conversation Becomes a Trilogy

It was a chance conversation with a West Virginia colleague, an attorney, well versed in matters legal and political.

We were shaking our heads over legislation that had nothing to do with reality.

These absurd mandates were strangling the life out of West Virginia, and not just coal country, because the domino at the beginning still knocks down the one at the end of the chain. And like rust, the regulators never sleep. And neither do the proponents of climate catastrophe.

The billowing smoke stacks at coal-powered plants isn’t smoke… it’s steam.

Yeah. You know, like from your tea kettle, so it’s clean moisture vapor because the process has been engineered to burn efficiently and to burn clean. Yet people still think of it as dirty coal because that’s what they’re told. The word “carbon” has been deviously conflated with CO2 (carbon dioxide as in what we breathe, what we enjoy in a soda, what plants must have to live).

Mountain Whispers – Days without Sun started as a single book and evolved into a trilogy as the first volume grew to over 700 pages and had to be divided into two other volumes to follow. This is my first novel, spurred by an urgent need to tell a story of our future. Specifically, it’s about our grandchildren’s and their children’s future.

If we allow (by choice or apathy) the environmental climate change alarmists to pave the way to their vision of a fossil-free green utopia, we’ll literally be led into the dark ages.



I’m not merely referring to energy poverty, but to the installment of overbearing, autocratic control from on- high courtesy of a global governance. Take away cheap, abundant, reliable energy in favor of what the au courant environmental creed deems worthy, and you’ve pulled the plug on our way of life, our good life, our long life, our free life.

In Mountain Whispers – Days Without Sun, a key player, Virgil, drunkenly croons a vintage Merle Haggard tune. One line in particular goes,

“Is the best of the free life behind us now? Are the good times really over for good?”

And, hearing the actual song, it’s easy to wax nostalgic about how good it was back in the day. But, to borrow from another oldie, [we] ain’t seen nothing (literally) yet! We still retain a semblance of free life and relative prosperity. Most of our daily issues are first-world problems.

Yet, we witness today a swelling wave of restrictions, regulations, mandates, green taxes rolling our way thanks to an open agenda to bring “sustainability” to your life and especially to the lives of your children and their children. Imagine seeing an entire ocean bay sucked out to sea by the approaching Tsunami. That’s what I’m seeing. That’s why I wrote the saga of Mountain Whispers, that expanded from one book into a trilogy.

Side Note: If you haven’t yet read Mountain Whispers, you can get the first nine chapters for free, or go straight to Amazon.

Thanks to that conversation with this well-informed attorney, I was compelled to start researching these issues in depth six years ago. The novel was conceived and begun over three years ago now, around 2011. What a rush it was to finally hold the actual book in my hands! And then to see it up on Amazon. But it’s the message within the story that’s most important.

Now, here’s the key reason for this communique. It would be awesome if you would post a review on Amazon and help me reach out to more people. Tell your friends and associates. A lady in Atlanta loved the book so much she bought multiple copies as gifts for her friends… THANKS Kat! Other readers have simply passed their copy on to friends and relatives.

The story has certainly struck a chord in hearts and minds where articles and real-science data has not and likely cannot. The Amazon reviews indicate this. I’ve had the honor and delight to speak before numerous national and regional energy-oriented groups as well as guesting on radio programs across the US. Articles about the book have appeared nationwide and in Canada. Local grass roots citizen clubs have graciously invited me to their meetings. I am so grateful to have received all these opportunities. But there are so many many more people that need to be reached, and warned about the enormous green wave that’s fast approaching.

Mountain Whispers Trilogy


There’s a momentum building across America, from the ground up. Folks are beginning to take a stand and voice opposition to burgeoning regulations and that includes the imposition of so-called “green” directives. We stand at a juncture today. One way leads to empowerment and living close to the land; the other promotes safety, security, and a global technocracy prescribed to minimize human impact on the environment.

Yes, Merle. Some of the good times have ended. But while we still have what we have left, let’s turn this thing around and head in a new direction. Let’s show up, standup, and speak out for energy, for freedom, and for our future!

Let’s seek truth above agendas and take a measured and rational approach to energy. We’re all for conscious environmentalism and practical renewables, but let’s not  abandon our ship for the lifeboats while there’s plenty of time to head to shore.

Semper Liberi

G. Coleman Alderson



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