Green Jihad, Environmental Fatwahs, and Breaking Eggs


The assailant got more prison time than he’d bargained for-claiming he had no idea that the pie contained acid, though a search of his vintage Corolla revealed traces of muratic acid in the glove box along with a packet of rubber gloves. Felony assault on a police officer was just an overture to the charges. Since the incident occurred in DC, his internment at a Federal prison was all but certain.

“Desperate times require desperate measures” was the quip from one of activist blog sites-though at first no one took responsibility. There was even some adulation directed toward the “brave and dedicated planetary jihadist” an obvious exhortation that this was a suitable course of action-no matter the consequences.

Ms. Murray had been spared and a young officer, married with two young kids, called away on short notice to provide protection, was nearly blinded for life. So what? If any thoughts were  given to the intended and actual victims, various blog posters expressed disappointment that the attack on Murray had not succeeded. However, adherents were cheered that the clandestine eco group, “Green Ghost”, which ordered the attack, claimed the “fatwah” was still in effect.

Such proclaimed “fatwahs” had become increasingly common. As was the use of Islamist terrorist terms aimed at intimidating and negating anyone who might question or refute the green movement’s principles.

Universities and colleges were, for the most part, of the same persuasion as the green activists.  School administrators decided not to have such extremist radical presenters like Murray, claiming they were lightning rods of controversy that could foment hatred and violence on their campuses.

Only a few stalwart conservative and Christian schools allowed such. Murphy was still welcomed at conservative conventions and conferences. Bryan assumed such gatherings were sponsored by climate change deniers-all of whom advocated or engaged in the rampant plundering of global resources.

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