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Green Global Agendas on The Jacki Daily Show, A Blaze Radio Program

It was awesome to get to spend time with Jacki Pick and talk about the impetus behind the Mountain Whispers trilogy. She graces Glen Beck’s Blazee Radio programming on Sundays live from 2 PM to 4 PM and is also available on demand.

Jacki is one of the most well-informed and current energy mavens on the airwaves. In this 2015 interview, she and I explore a future where fossil fuels have been abandoned in favor of supposed renewables. And it delves into the ways an oppressive global regime enforces their sustainable agenda.

And, by some mysterious cause, the earth has become constantly clouded and increasingly colder.

Being from eastern Ohio, Jacki grew up with the rich heritage of Appalachian mountain living, coal mining, and the ingrained distrust of government intrusion. We both share concerns about the “war on coal.”

The interview aired on Blaze Radio in the summer of 2015, when it looked like there would be no end to the top-down regulations hammering the fossil fuel industry. Since the election of 2016, significant changes have begun to stifle the frantic headlong leap into “sustainable” green energy sources.” The US is about to become the #1 producer of natural gas AND oil.

Yet, California wages on with its anti-fossil fuel agenda, as does Germany, and other parts of Europe. They are setting huge (unrealistic) expectations as to their weaning off carbon fuels.

The elections of 2016 may have sideswiped the “Climate Industrial Complex”, but, rest assured, they have not been sidetracked.



The “Green” activists’ agendas and their intent to do away with fossil fuels

Prosperity and freedom due to fossil fuels

Is a transition from fossil fuels possible without hardship?

Who will suffer from the “necessity” to cut back on fossil fuels?

Who will decide who gets what?

The plot of the Mountain Whispers saga and it message

The mountain culture of distrust of government

Main characters in the book– 12 year old Celi

Human RFID chipping to keep track of citizens

Crossing the line of civil liberties

Why should readers feel good about the story

“Getting your William Wallace on”

Stopping the mad rush into regulations and sustainability

Acting locally

The mega media in partnership

The human Spirit will prevail

Over regulation and over criminalization by non-elected bureaucrats

How to resist the onslaught of green propaganda

Alex Epstein’s work on “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels”


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Imagine a World without Fossil Fuels

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