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The following is a multi-chapter “Tributary” to the Mountain Whispers Trilogy. You may find the current book releases on the main web page.


Ever wonder how the earth became shrouded, sunless, and cold in the time of Celi and her family? What incident caused the “Days without Sun”, or, as the GEEO earth-speak denotes, “The Correction”?  Bryan Hodge has  hardcore convictions about catastrophic climate change, the prowess of “true science”, and the high minded leadership of the day. These convictions will soon be shaken to the core as his life is turned inside out and thrown into chaos.


Bryan Hodges: Planetary Conservator

Mid-Year 2021

Bryan Hodges would frequently proclaim he had a passion for the truth and took his journalistic craft very seriously. And he was right. In college, while his peers were slouching through classes and only coming alive on weekends for parties, games, and other mindless diversions, Bryan was perpetually immersed in some bit of research of great portent to the well being of the planet. His nascent philosophy came about early in middle school and had evolved into a mantra that he found himself frequently intoning: “Screw humanity!”

“Well,” he’d qualify, “most of them anyway, and especially those capitalist Neanderthals in their corporate oligarchies that got the world in such mess.” To Bryan, humans that populated the mother planet (AKA Gaia) had consumed her like a cancer. They were a scourge.

One of his favorite movie scenes of all time was in The Matrix where Mr. Smith says to a captured and bound Morpheus, “I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.

Humanity was a virus. The evidence was absolutely clear that humans had infected their host. Bryan’s self appointed mission as an activist-journalist would be the quixotic task of piercing the veils of corporate enterprise and shredding the fabric of their existence. He wanted to be a part of the cure.

The problem was that he was not unique either in his perceptions or self-conceived aptitude that he was the one to change the world. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of would-be earth avatars had been produced in all sectors of the country and all over the world for that matter. There was a lot of competition in the field of journalism, especially the eco-activist trackers. Whether by design or rampant popularity, most educational institutions had been churning out earth-minded students for quite some time. Many of the writers aspiring to be the next Rachel Carson, Paul Ehrlich, or Al Gore.

Upon graduation from Morgan State, Bryan nailed a part-time writing job as a byline opinion editor for a small scale on-line magazine. It hardly paid anything, and he had to live in a very sparse one-bedroom efficiency for a time. His personal economy forced him to temper his organic diet in favor of large quantities of beans and rice he bought at the local warehouse store. How he hated those places where gluttonous mass-consumption was so evident. Well, he thought, at least I’m on my own. His parents were scraping by on what little pensions they’d earned as school teachers. Massive reductions in federal aid and a nearly bankrupt state treasury had seen to that.

He found another part-time, albeit unpaid, occupation as a protestor and activist for various earth-friendly organizations. He wrote copy for their newsletters, drafted announcements, and crafted urgent mass e-mailings for donations. He also helped organize events. He was not so inclined to participate in public but preferred to work behind the scenes and derived extreme satisfaction seeing the capitalistic hegemony disassembled bit by bit. Was it not the fulfillment of his ideology to bring sanity into how people lived on a fragile planet?

Currently Bryan Hodges was in a quandary. As a self described professional journalist, he was totally involved in heeding the call and promoting the aims of the Green Revolution, an environmentalist, anti-capitalists surge, and the progressive goals of attaining social justice and economic parity around the globe. He was totally down with the movement; down with the 99% who held the 1% guilty of all high crimes against the planet and against that rather vague collection of victims referred to as humanity.

Now, from his high-minded noble perspective, he perceived himself at the vanguard of informed journalists who were leading the masses into a brave new world where climate disaster, hunger, shelter, and equality were issues that would be solved by his generation.

Sure, he had seen other points of view come forward and rally against the massive collections of peer reviewed scientific data, irrefutable data, and like others, he relegated these throwbacks to either being totally ignorant or willing shills for the industrialists and big banking. They’d even gone so far as to question the premise of global warming.

For example, working a stint in DC a few months ago, he had a rather repulsive encounter with a notorious Irishwoman who was speaking in support of the use of fossil fuels and even touting the virtues of a capitalistic society. By all accounts, the red haired matron was a firebrand who presented herself as a “sensible” revolutionary to counter the green revolution.

Among the incredible assertions Kate Murphy made was to “dis” global warming, then she went after solar and wind energy as a replacement for fossil fuel. She even questioned the idea that the green movement was entirely altruistic. In fact, she vehemently lambasted the green movement as a collective attempt to establish a new power hierarchy through world governments and diminish sovereign nations to a global state of subservience. What a corporate whore!

He’d received the unfortunate assignment to cover her presentation at, of all places, a Conservatives for a Strong America conference in DC. He knew that a number of his fellow activists would be on hand to protest outside the convention center and, he hoped for his own edification and entertainment, some of his cohorts might gain entry inside to disrupt the proceedings. Now that would make it worth the hassle of attending!

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